When a central air conditioner begins to show signs of functioning inefficiently, it can mean several things. There are many parts working together to make the air conditioning system run as it should, so any of the parts can be damaged when problems arise. However, in the best-case scenario, the lack of efficiency stems from the system being too dirty to function properly. It is easy to remove the dirt, but you will need to hire a professional to assist with the task, as some areas of the system are difficult to access. This article provides general knowledge in regards to areas of a central air conditioning system that might need to be thoroughly cleaned by a professional.

All of the Air Ducts

The air duct system in your house is one of the main parts of the air conditioning system that should be cleaned every now and then. The ducts are the only paths that air can take to reach the rooms that you want cooled off. If the ducts are full of debris, dirt, or even rodent carcasses, it can lead to low amounts of air flowing through. It is important for a professional to clean the air ducts, as he or she will have to use commercial equipment in order for the job to be thoroughly done.

The Outdoor Condenser Coil

There is a condenser coil that is located on the exterior of your house that plays a role in your house being cooled down by the air conditioner. The bad thing is that the coil is always exposed to outside elements, such as dirt. The condenser coil can accumulate a lot of dirt in no time. Make sure the coil is professionally cleaned during the months in which your air conditioner is being run the most, as it will lead to more efficiency.

Parts to the Blower Fan

The motor and blades to the blower fan must be cleaned every once in a while to remain functional. Dirt is bad for the motor because it leads to stalling, and it won't work in a powerful manner. The blower fan must receive the fullest extent of power from the motor in order for the blades to spin at a fast speed. It is also important for the blades to be thoroughly cleaned sometimes.

The Indoor Evaporator Coil

There is an evaporator coil to the air conditioning system that is located inside of your house. The evaporator coil is actually one of the most important parts for cooling down your house, as it cools warm air down. Simply get the coil cleaned to make sure it does not cause inefficient cooling in your house.

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