Completely ripping out a bathroom and remodeling it is something that may be too much for you. Other options are available to update your bathroom with small improvements that can be done overtime, rather than a complete remodeling project that may have your home bathroom-less for months. Improvements like shower doors and a new vanity will make a drastic difference in the appearance of your bathroom. Here are the three best ways to change the look of your bathroom without taking on a huge remodeling project:

1. Remove the Clutter and Replace Cabinets with Glass Shelves

Are there any cabinets in your bathroom that stick out like a sore thumb? Cabinets are bulking additions to bathrooms that collect clutter that may be packed away for years. Now, it is time to do a little spring cleaning; removing the cabinets and getting rid of all the clutter that has collected in your bathroom. When all the clutter is gone, replace the cabinets with glass shelving if you need to have storage space for some of your toiletries. Shower glass installation services will be able to easily install the glass shelving units for you in a day.

2. Drop the Curtains and Replace Them with Modern Shower Glass

Whether in the shower or inside a bathtub enclosure, curtains are a dingy addition to the bathroom that collect dirt and grime. Not only due curtains collect grime, bacteria and organisms, the make the space in a bathroom seem small and confined. A simple solution to your dingy curtain problem is to have them replaced with shower glass, which will give your bathroom a modern look and be easier to clean; making your bathroom more hygienic.

3. Remove the Mammoth Vanity and Replace It with Something Modern and Stylish

An old mammoth vanity in your bathroom takes up a valuable floorspace, and it can sometimes be an eyesore. Today, there are many choices of modern vanities with a compact footprint, and even some that attach to the wall and leave the space beneath the sink open. If you want to have more of a classic look, consider restoring an old piece of furniture and having a bowl style sink mounted on it for a trendy look to give your bathroom a modern edge.

These are some of the best ways to change the look of your bathroom with small improvements that have a modern design. Contact a plumber to help with improvements like installing a new vanity sink, water heater installation, and replacing plumbing fixtures in your bathroom.