It's no fun to take a shower or bath when the water is just barely trickling out. But fixing an issue with water pressure is complicated because there are many sources of problems when it comes to home water pressure. To help you understand how it all works, here are some of the factors that affect your water pressure.

The Structure of Water Tanks in Your Area

Sometimes, an entire area will have lower than usual water pressure if there is an issue with the design and placement of water tanks in the area. Pressure is created by the distribution of water through tanks as it flows away from water reservoirs. Without getting into the science of it all, you might want to find out what the average water pressure in your area is before you start spending a lot of money on trying to get better water pressure.

Number of Valves Connected to a Main

Your municipal water source delivers a certain amount of pressure to each water main. From there, the pressure is distributed among several valves that are traveling to different apartment units or rooms. That means that, for each additional valve added to the water main, all valves connected to that main will see a decrease in water pressure. If many people in your apartment building complain about low water pressure, it could be a problem with the wiring of the plumbing.

Local Plumbing Issues

Now, let's get to the part that you can control: plumbing repair. While some factors are out of your control with water pressure, there are still things that you can do in your own home to make sure that you don't lose any additional water pressure from the valve to the plumbing fixture. Three problems are very common. The first is a blocked pipe that affects the movement of water through the pipes. The second is a leak that dissipates some water out of the system and decreases pressure. The third is a water heater that's blocked by sediment.

If you have been experiencing water pressure issues, contact a plumbing services contractor like 5 Star Plumbing Heating and Cooling to inspect your home. They can safely and accurately pinpoint the factors leading to poor water pressure in your home, and yes, there is often more than one. The ones that can be fixed affordably can be addressed by your specialist, and hopefully, it's enough to provide you with a powerful shower again.