When you stare at the antiquated powder-puff pink tiles lining the walls around your shower and tub, does it make you cringe? Does it remind you of a game of Tetris, where the tiles do not quite match but you have to slam them together to eliminate them? Are some of them chipped and cracked like you are staring through a broken video game screen? If the answer to any of the above is "yes," then it might be time to remove and replace these tile walls. However, you should call a plumber first to make sure you do not break anything important.

The Plumber's Job

Behind and under every tub and shower is a series of pipes and plumbing that helps facilitate the water up and into your tub spigot and shower head. If you go slamming a sledgehammer into the tiles to remove them, you might just hit this plumbing and then you would have a much bigger problem. The plumber can help locate where all the pipes are during a bathtub repair and even remove the tiles from these areas without excessive damage.

Hit, Crack, Scrape, Repeat

If you do this job the old-fashioned way, you will have to hit every tile so that it breaks enough that it either falls into the tub or it will allow you to get a scrape tool underneath. It is very tedious, since you will have to hit, crack the tile, scrape it from the wall, and then repeat until all the tile and bits of tile are in the tub. Your plumber could suggest some solvents that would make it much easier to remove tiles faster, but you will need to have plenty of air circulation through the bathroom to use a solvent.

Smooth the Walls

When the walls are free of tile, you will need to make them smooth and prepare them for a fiberglass wall installation. Again, it is a good idea to let your plumber do this so that the plumbing is protected, and new wall materials will not get wet while you are trying to install the fiberglass walls. Once the walls are smooth and are all of the correct thickness, a special plaster or bonding agent is applied to the walls. You have to be quick about the fiberglass wall installation, however. The plaster/bonding agents dry quickly, and the walls have to be perfectly aligned and positioned.    

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