The plumbing in old houses was often lead or iron pipe, and while it worked well for all the years it was in there, it should be replaced to meet the current health and safety regulations. The change from iron pipe to more modern PVC material will make the maintenance easier and, though time-consuming to change, it not really too complicated if you hire a plumbing services company to do the work.

Deciding What Needs To Be Changed

How far is far enough? That is the question you need to ask when you consider updating your old plumbing. The plumbing in the house is most likely going to be the focus but what about the drain or sewer lines leaving the house and connecting to the city system? Will they also need to be updated? You should take a look and see what the sewer line is made of and if it is as old as the plumbing in the home. It may have been updated along the way but the only way to be sure is the take a look at it.

Working With A Contractor

The simplest way to get the plumbing up to code is to hire a plumbing contractor that understand the requirements and can come in and remove the outdated pipes then replace the entire system with new PVC plumbing throughout the building. A contractor and a crew can do the work quickly, minimizing the time your water is off. Talk with the contractor to determine whether or not you will need to leave the home while the work is being done or if they will work in stages to allow you to stay in the house at night. They may even be able to give you water every day at the end of the day. They will go over that with you and work out how to best handle the time.

Modern Materials

The bug difference in the plumbing from an old house to a new one is the material used. It is not as though the concept of plumbing and plumbing theory was really changed but there are some things that have been updated to work better over the years. The old iron pipe that was pretty common in these older homes is much more likely to corrode until it is blocked as well. PVC and Copper are not as prone to corrosion and they are much easier to install in the home.Without question, PVC has become the first choice for plumbing, with copper a close second. What you contractor uses will be up to you and him to discuss.