If you have ever spent a summer day in a home that did not have air conditioning you know just how miserable it can be. A home should never reach into the 80's. It can be downright miserable to have to endure heat like that inside your own home. The good news is that you can have air conditioning installed in your home. Now, there are many different types of air conditioning that you can have installed, and the price points and the comfort levels will all vary. So, it is important that you know what you are getting yourself into. Here are a few things to remember when you decide to get air conditioning in your home:

Window Unit

One of the least expensive options that you have is a window unit. You may have seen a window unit in a home before and noticed that it is able to blow a lot of cold air. These units are great to cool a single room, but an entire house, there is no chance that it will cool the entire home. A window unit is usually good for cooling a single room. One thing to note when you install a window unit is that you can expect your electric bill to go up. You also want the window unit to be installed properly, or you could give bugs an easy way into your home, and allow heat to escape. When it comes to having a window unit installed, have it done right.

Central Air

Another very popular option for your home's air conditioning is central air conditioning. This is a unit that goes into the home that utilizes air ducts to cool the entire home. This type of unit utilizes a compressor to suck in air and cool it then send it into the home. You should remember that the cost of installing a central air conditioning unit can vary a great deal. One of the biggest factors is if you have air ducts or not. If you do not have air ducts already in the home, then the plumber will have to install the air ducts for you and this will be a significant charge due to all the labor. However, if you already have a heating system that utilizes air ducts, the plumber will be able to tie into those air ducts, and you will pay for the unit, all other parts, and the plumbers time and expertise. 

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