For many people, getting water from the city is impossible, requiring them to install a water well. If you need to install one in your new home or you simply want to install one to discover the many benefits, you must check out these three facts about water well, so you know if one really is the right choice for you and your family.

It's Free Water You Control

Well water uses groundwater to provide drinking water. To reach the deep groundwater, you'll need to have a professional drill your well, which costs about $15 to $30 per foot. Once the well is built, the only costs you need to worry about are maintenance costs. The water is totally free because it isn't owned by the city. Another advantage is the water is under your control because it is on your property. If something goes wrong, you have full control over fixing it. On the other hand, with city water, the city is in charge of maintenance. Something as simple as flushing out a fire hydrant in your neighborhood may turn your city water smelly and discolored.

It's Healthy for You

City water is often filled with various chemicals that are needed to treat the water, which comes from many sources. However, groundwater is typically clean from most contaminates. It does travel through a filtration system, but fewer chemicals are used. Groundwater, however, can still become contaminated, such as from a flood, chemicals, fertilizers, minerals, pesticides, etc. This is why you need to test your water occasionally. Also, if your water suddenly looks or smell different, especially after a flood, test it before consuming.

There are Many Types of Water Wells

There are different types of water wells from which you can choose. A drilled well is an easy way to reach groundwater, but there are also dug wells and driven wells. Dug wells are shallow and dug by hand. A driven well is created by hammering a long pole or something similar into the ground. A drilled well, however, is usually the safer option because the water is deep below the top of the well, making it less likely to become contaminated.

If you are interested in taking control of your drinking water, cutting costs and removing chemicals from your diet, a drinking well may be the best choice for you. For more information about which well is right for you, contact a plumber or well specialist in your area today, such as from Action Well & Pump Repair.