Many homeowners overlook their plumbing system until disaster strikes. Preventative maintenance can help you avoid a catastrophic plumbing failure. One of the maintenance tasks that you should never overlook when it comes to caring for your plumbing system is routine pipe cleaning.

Having your pipes cleaned out on a regular basis will help you avoid potential plumbing problems that might compromise the safety and performance of your plumbing system in the future.

1. Water Backup

When you fail to clean out your pipes often, dirt and debris can build up along the interior walls of each pipe. Soap scum, hair, and other items that find their way into the drain can harden, creating clogs that could leave your plumbing fixtures unable to drain water.

A backup in your sink or toilet could cause significant water damage, and a slow drain can be a real hassle. Have a plumber use hydro jetting on a regular basis to clean out your pipes and ensure water can drain properly through your plumbing system.

2. Odors

Pipes that have become too dirty could produce another unpleasant side effect- noxious odors. Clogged or restricted pipes typically occur because food, soap, and other particles have started to adhere to the interior walls of the pipes.

These particles will begin to rot over time, producing a foul smell that might emanate from the drains in your home. If you want to avoid the potential embarrassment of smelly plumbing, be sure to have your pipes cleaned out on a regular basis to remove any buildup that might produce an odor.

3. Leaks

Leaking pipes are one plumbing problem that most homeowners know they need to watch out for. A leaky pipe can cause serious water damage to the structure of your home. The water escaping from a leaky pipe could also feed mold and mildew, putting the health and safety of your family at risk.

When the interior walls of your pipes become dirty, the diameter of the pipes themselves is reduced. This increases the pressure of the water moving through your plumbing system. Your pipes are not equipped to handle the additional water pressure, and the strain might cause an older pipe to crack or a weak connection to leak.

Regular pipe cleaning will ensure that water can move efficiently through your pipes, reducing the likelihood of a serious water leak affecting your home in the future. Check out a website like for more information and assistance.