The festivities at your home are well underway for the holidays. The dinner has been served, the guests are well-fed, and everyone is having a good time. Just when you think that your holiday party at home is going to go off without a single frustrating hitch, the lovable volunteer who volunteered to do the dishes announces your kitchen sink is clogged. Unfortunately, drain clogs are a common occurrence during the holidays, and they mostly happen because there are so many people in one residence and a little less attention to what goes down the drains. Here's what you can do to handle the catastrophe with as much grace as a host or hostess can have. 

Tape off the affected drain so the problem doesn't get any worse. 

Just so everyone in the house is well aware of the situation, grab a roll of masking or duct tape to post a warning on the affected drain. If the drain that is affected is the one in your kitchen sink, just run a line or two of tape across the top and possibly put tape on the faucet handles just so no one turns on the water. If you have a toilet that refuses to flush, tape the lid closed and put a sign on that bathroom door so guests know to use a different toilet. 

Wait it out and see if the drain clears after a while. 

Sometimes, when a drainage line is getting a lot more use than usual, it will just take some time for the issue to rectify itself. You can try pouring boiling water or drain cleaner down the drain just as a quick effort, but either way, let the drain rest and see what happens. Avoid the drain and periodically check the drain for progress as time passes.

Reach out to an emergency drain cleaning service provider. 

Even during the holidays, there are going to be some emergency drain cleaning service providers available. Once your guests have settled down or mostly cleared out, give them a call if the drain is still clogged. In most cases, an emergency drain cleaning service provider will be able to get to you rather quickly in spite of the holiday, so do not be surprised if they offer to come over to your house to fix the problem the same night or the next day. Talk to companies like Equisure Inspectors to learn more.