Have you heard that tankless water heaters are a better value than the large tank varieties, but you aren't sure why or whether it is the right choice for you? The following will help you better understand how tankless water heaters work, as well as their benefits, so you can make an informed choice when you are updating the hot water heater in your home.

How is the water warmed?

Just like a traditional water heater, you can have a gas or electric tankless heater. Instead, there is a sensor in the tankless heater that informs the mechanism when water flows through. It then fires on, warming the water passing through it with either an electric element or a natural gas burner. The warming is nearly instantaneous, which means there is never any reason to store water. It is instead heated upon demand, thus ensuring that you never run out of hot water.

Do they take up a lot of room?

Tankless heaters take up much less room than their tanked cousins. You won't need a dedicated closet or nook to house the heater tank. Most are mounted directly to the wall, so you can have them installed nearly everywhere, including on a wall behind a bathroom door or inside a linen closet.

Is the water truly unlimited?

In theory yes, but if you have multiple taps running it is possible that the heater won't be able to keep up with the demand. In larger households, it isn't uncommon to have multiple heaters installed. Some people have a heater for each bathroom, while other opt for a heater on each residential floor of their home. Your installer can help you choose the configuration that works best for your lifestyle.

Are the tanks more energy efficient?

Yes! Since they only heat water as you need it, there is no excess energy used to keep a holding tank of water cold. This does mean that it can take a moment for the hot water to start flowing from the faucet, since there isn't always a store of hot water at the ready. This can also be a problem during a power outage, since there is no hot water on hold and you have to wait until the power is restored for the tankless heater to warm the water again.

There are many benefits of a tankless water heater, not least of all their low profile and low energy use. Contact a tankless water heater installation service in your area to learn more.