Construction projects can be massive undertakings. A large project could require many workers and take months to build. The construction site must be equipped to meet all of a worker's needs for the duration of the project. Most sites are not equipped with permanent restroom facilities, so contractors must invest in portable restrooms instead.

If you are thinking of foregoing the expense of a portable restroom for your upcoming project, consider the many ways in which these toilets can benefit your construction site over time.

1. Keep Clients Happy

Even if there are permanent restroom facilities on your construction site (or conveniently located nearby), you should still invest in portable units for your workers. No one wants dirty construction workings walking through their business space and commandeering the restroom facilities from paying customers and employees.

Having portable units that are dedicated strictly to the individuals working on your construction project will help you maintain a more pleasant relationship with your client. The likelihood of receiving a referral or being invited to complete additional projects can rest on the nature of your relationship with each client, so portable restrooms are an investment in your company's future.

2. Maintain Sanitary Surroundings

If you don't provide a restroom facility for your workers, they may be tempted to relieve themselves behind a bush or truck on your construction site. This type of behavior poses some serious health problems for both your workers and the community as a whole.

Portable restrooms ensure that employees will not hold their feces or urine to avoid the inconvenience of finding a toilet. Comfortable restroom facilities can also help keep your construction site sanitary, allowing you to avoid potential fines and PR nightmares.

3. Increase Productivity

Time is money on any construction site. The faster your workers complete each project, the more money your company stands to make. Portable restrooms can significantly increase productivity levels on construction sites. Having a restroom facility nearby lets workers relieve themselves in as little time as possible.

If your workers have to travel off-site to use the restroom, you run the risk of having them become distracted along the way. If you are looking for a simple and effective way to increase productivity among your workers, be sure that you invest in comfortable and functional portable restrooms for each of your company's construction sites.

Portable restrooms are not an expense your company can afford to overlook. Make access to portable restrooms a priority so that you can build better client relationships, maintain sanitary conditions, and increase worker productivity. For more information, visit sites like