Your drains are a hard-working part of your house that you probably give little thought to. You turn on the water, and the waste swims down a pipe. That wastewater can include grease, food particles, hair, soap, and dirt. Over time, this debris can collect in your drains. Grease and soap build up, while the larger particles get clogged in the pipes. Drain services can help prevent this buildup.

Basics of Drain Service

At its heart, a drain service is a drain cleaning. Plumbers use a drain snake to remove clogs. This system is more effective than using chemical clog busters — and it's safer for your pipes, too. For large clogs, they might use a hydro-jet, which uses pressurized water to free clogs and wash away the debris. They can also use small cameras to detect reasons for repeated clogging issues.

Professional Drain Service

Do-it-yourself enthusiasts undertake drain cleanings themselves. However, prolonged use of chemical cleaners can soften PVC pipes and cause others to corrode prematurely. Ignoring your drains can result in major issues such as the sewer backing up. Therefore, Angie's List recommends hiring professional plumbers to discuss the state of your drains and provide regular drain service.

Benefits of Regular Drain Service

Having your drains regularly cleaned can be a benefit to you. For one, reducing clogs and buildup frees up your drains to run more efficiently and faster. What's more, clogged drains create small backups, which produces foul smells in your room. Getting rid of those disgusting clogs is a boon.

Small drain issues, like clogs and small leaks, can lead to bigger problems. Besides sewer backup, you can face major leaks or even burst pipes. Plumbers servicing your drains will detect these issues when they're still small so you can keep expensive repairs away. Finally, regular drain service will increase the lifespan of your drain system.

General Drain Maintenance

In between drain service appointments, you can keep your drains in good working order with some basic maintenance tips. For one, don't put grease or oil down a drain. Additionally, try to fish out hair clogs before they go through the drain grate. Likewise, try to prevent food particles from entering the drain.

When you do want to clean your drains between servicing, stay away from the harsh chemicals. Instead, make a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. You can pour this down the drain and let it set for some time. To rinse it, fill up the sink with water and release it to flush out the drain system.

Keep your drains in good working order by scheduling regular service appointments.