Your dog may seem like a lovable little fur baby to you, but your dog can also be a force of destruction around your home. You know how important it is to keep your dog safe in your house so they don't innocently get hurt or damage your belongings, but you may not think about your dog bothering the HVAC unit outside. Dogs can do a lot of damage to an AC condenser, so if you have a dog that's allowed to roam in your backyard freely, especially a male dog, you may want to put a fence around your HVAC to protect it. Here's what you should know about dogs and AC condensers.

Dog Urine Can Eat Through Aluminum Fins

To your dog, the AC condenser is just another thing in the yard they can urinate on. However, the acidic nature of dog urine will eat right through the thin aluminum fins on an AC condenser. When the fins are missing, it affects the performance of your AC. If you notice damage to the fins, call an HVAC contractor to check the condenser. It might be possible to do some repairs to the unit, but if many fins are corroded away, you might need to have the fins replaced.

Dog Urine Can Cause A Coil Leak

The coils in the condenser are right behind the fins, so urine splashes on them too. Coil corrosion is serious because that can lead to a leak of refrigerant. A tiny leak can often be repaired so the refrigerant can be refilled. However, a big leak may require replacing the coils on the condenser, which is a fairly large repair.

Dogs Can Scratch And Chew On The Unit

Besides urinating on the unit, your dog might decide to chew on lines or wires leading to the unit which is bad for the AC and dangerous for your dog. Your dog might also paw at the fins and collapse them, and when that happens, air circulation is blocked and your AC won't run as efficiently or it may malfunction. Your dog may not even target the AC specifically, but chase a bug or snake under the unit and then claw at the AC to get to the bug.

An HVAC contractor can straighten out fins, and that's a minor repair compared to some types of repairs, especially from urine damage. Replacing corroded fins and coils can even be so costly that you may need to discuss if it's a better use of your money to replace the HVAC.

Rather than risk your dog causing problems with your AC innocently, consider putting a fence around your condenser so your dog can't get close to the unit. Place the fence a few feet away so if your dog decides to urinate on the fence, the urine won't make it to the AC. Also, be sure you don't create different problems by putting up a fence, such as blocking airflow or making it hard for a contractor to access your condenser.

If you have other concerns about your AC condenser, contact a reputable HVAC contractor like K & C Plumbing Heating AC.